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Quotas, registrations and processes related to graduate education are followed by the Graduate School of Sciences and related departments. Relevant information can be found at

Academic staff announcements and application requirements are announced at

If you apply to the head of the department you are registered with, with a petition with your course content and certificate of achievement, it will be evaluated by the commission in accordance with the relevant legislation and your exempt courses will be determined.

Students of our university who have applied for transfer to another program with an internal transfer or central placement score from the program they are registered in, cannot apply for a double major for the same academic year.

Documents from other universities are not valid. It is required to go in for the IYS.

You can get the transcript from the Student Affairs Unit of the Faculty Secretariat, and the student certificate via e-government.

You can request a document by adding a picture of your ID to via your e-mail address with the extension "star".

Our graduate students should submit their document requests to

Application dates and application processes related to the Erasmus program are announced by the YTU International Relations Coordinator at and up-to-date information is given.

Internship application processes and information on the application principles of the department are available on the website of your department.

If this information is not included on the student certificate you received via e-government, you can request a student certificate by applying to the relevant unit personnel of the Faculty Secretariat, the information you request is written in your student certificate.

Applications for transfer to our faculty and application requirements are announced on the website of the Registrar's Office ( During the transition process, up-to-date information should be followed on the relevant site, and applications should be made in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

You must complete your course registrations with the password given to you through the system, within the date ranges announced in the academic calendar. For any problems you encounter during registration, you should contact your Department.

In accordance with YTU Associate and Undergraduate Education Regulations, preparatory Class students are required to apply to the Directorate of the School of Foreign Languages, and undergraduate students registered in the upper classes to the relevant departments, with a petition and documents proving their excuses, within the periods specified in the regulation.