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Universal-Level Educational Standards

Our faculty, which consists of the departments of Economics, Business Administration, and Political Science and International Relations, has been raising entrepreneurial, innovative, and tactful individuals who can observe the society and are needed by both private and public sectors since its establishment in 1992.

Dear Shareholders,

It has been more than one year since I was appointed as dean. When I started my job, I stated that I was looking forward to carrying our faculty together with you to the goals I wanted to achieve. Now, I am happy and proud to have achieved a significant part of these goals with success.

In 2021, we have made progress step by step by carrying and maintaining the team spirit that we have created with our students, academicians, administrative staff, and internal and external stakeholders of our university. In line with the strategic goals of our university, we have carried out pioneering studies in education, R&D and improvement in the quality of life. Moreover, we have shown an academic performance enhancement and demonstrated our success by being at the top of academically respected lists.

We have had a full and successful year during which we have experienced the firsts in many fields in our faculty history. In order to improve the education and training activities, we have accelerated the COOP studies by updating the training plans, course contents and new course suggestions, and we have carried out activities and studies that will create a bridge between our university and the business world. Within the scope of R&D activities, we have increased the number of project applications. Many projects that are coordinated by our students and advised by our faculty members have been entitled to be supported for the first time. Compared to previous years, we have shown a rapid acceleration in the number of publications with improved quality. Within the scope of efforts to increase the quality of social life, we aimed to ensure the continuity of our stakeholders' participation and contribution to university activities. In this context, the number of events held with our external stakeholders and our event satisfaction rates have increased considerably. Our faculty has reached a satisfactory level in academic ratings with the achievements and awards of its lecturers.

Our faculty has crowned our success by being ranked in the 401-500 band in the World University Ranking of Times Higher Education (THE) in the field of Economics and Administrative Sciences. According to the Elsevier Citation Metrics prepared by Stanford University, three of our faculty members took their place among the researchers in the top 2% of the world. For the first time, a faculty member from our faculty was deemed worthy of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) Outstanding Young Scientist Award.

We achieved all these achievements in a faculty environment, where innovative and creative ideas are handled, science is produced instead of excuses, the culture of working together is adopted and cared for, with good intentions and all together. I would like to state that we will increase our efforts to maintain this cooperation and we will continue to work with a high motivation to carry our achievements to a higher level.

Prof. Dr. Halit KESKİN




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If you apply to the head of the department you are registered with, with a petition with your course content and certificate of achievement, it will be evaluated by the commission in accordance with the relevant legislation and your exempt courses will be determined.

Students of our university who have applied for transfer to another program with an internal transfer or central placement score from the program they are registered in, cannot apply for a double major for the same academic year.